Building Perl-Tk on Fedora x86_64

  • Posted on: 25 May 2004
  • By: agittins

Update: Better than building from source, AT-rpms has a perl-Tk rpm in their yum repository - this is a far cleaner method of installing Tk. Add the following to your /etc/yum.conf:

name=ATrpms for Fedora Core $releasever stable

FC1 to FC2 upgrade Just Works(tm) with x86_64

  • Posted on: 24 May 2004
  • By: agittins

Wow. I just whacked in the Fedora Core 2 x86_64 DVD, went through the upgrade steps, rebooted, and everything just worked. Could not believe it.

Despite all the hoopla around regarding 4k stacks and the nvidia binary drivers, this is not an issue on amd64. I've heard that the 64-bit kernel in FC2 still uses 9k stacks, but I've not found out for sure if that's exactly why, or if it's something else. So far alsa seems to be working (I got it running on a 2.6 kernel with FC1, so perhaps I avoided some pain here since I was already configured for it), now we'll see if I can get jackd to build without core dumping when it tries to set the sample rate.

Funky routing of mail on non-standard ports

  • Posted on: 28 April 2004
  • By: agittins

For a while now I've been providing a secondary mail service for a friend, using my home server connected to BigPond Cable. It all works rather well, but Telstra have recently announced that they will be blocking outbound port 25 to mitigate the steaming hordes of spam monkeys they've attracted over the years. For one I applaud Telstra's action, albeit years late - at least they're making an effort now. But since it requires some reconfiguration to handle this I figured I'd throw it up here so that others in a similar situation can use this method to continue providing secondary mail services.

Site Update - Drupal now in control

  • Posted on: 12 April 2004
  • By: agittins

The site update has been done. Almost all content is now driven by Drupal, the old stuff has either been migrated across or is on the to-do list. I'm still using gallery for images, and the langame section is now more or less crippled compared to the old site. Next on the list is sorting out the langame registrations, but if you find anything wrong (like missing downloads, broken links, external links that sent you here but you didn't get what you wanted etc) please let me know via webmaster AT purple DOT dropbear DOT id DOT au.