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Ashley J Gittins - Systems and Network Consulting

  • Has your network guy disappeared and you need things fixed now?
  • Are you paying too much for software licenses?
  • Are you concerned about the security of your business systems?
  • Do you have a network that no-one seems to understand?

I can help.

I specialise in providing Linux and Open Source Software based solutions for small to medium sized businesses. I have almost twenty years of experience in network management, server deployment and maintenance and desktop support across a wide range of businesses.

Most small businesses don't need a full-time IT staff, but they do need someone reliable who understands their systems and just as importantly, understands the business needs those systems serve.

Why hire me? Great question!

  • I'm actually human. Your business is probably a lot more about humans than it is about computer systems. I get that, and part of my standard approach is to understand your business needs before any technology recommendations are made.
  • This is what I do. Many of my clients have had horror stories of their consultants disappearing or becoming unavailable when they head off to university or get a full-time job. I've been doing IT Consulting for nearly twenty years now and it's what I do. I am also skilled at analysing existing networks to quickly understand how it works and often, why it doesn't.
  • I will save you money. Sure, billable hours are great but happy clients who recommend new clients because they rarely need to call me are better. I'm not afraid to automate myself out of a job because it gives your business and mine the opportunity to grow.


I am more expensive than your average uni student, but I have a depth of experience that comes only from years of study and practical application. I am also a lot less expensive than a consultant who arrives in a suit and won't get his hands dirty to fix your problems.

My base hourly rate is $110/hr including GST. Time is billed in 30 minute intervals and on-site visits carry a 1 hour minimum charge. I am based in Byron Bay and available for on-site work in the Shire area, Brisbane/Gold Coast by appointment and for remote work or negotiated travel worldwide.

Contact Me

Call or email now so I can get your systems back on track and you can get back to running your business.

Ph: 0412 338 153

Please note: I do not consent to the sending of commercial messages to me outside of those seeking my specific services. Sending unsolicited commercial messages to this address is a contravention of the Australian Spam Act (2003).