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Navigational Hazard

  • Posted on: 12 October 2004
  • By: agittins

Taken for entry to the FujiMugs "Dream" Challenge, 8th Place.
This is a very non-authentic dream-catcher. Dreamcatchers are traditional bedroom decor for Native Americans - the legend goes that they protect you from the bad/evil dreams at night, and foster the good dreams. Info varies on how it works, some say the bad dreams get tangled in the web, thus they get burnt off in the morning sun like dewdrops, others say that the ones with holes in the centre catch the good dreams to keep them, while the bad dreams drop through the center hole. Either way, these things present a major navigational hazard for dreams as they go whizzing over our sleeping heads. Shot with single flash bounced off wall/ceiling.
2005/05/01: Submitted to PhotoFriday "Fancy" challenge
2005/06/30: Oops... submitted again to photofriday, this time for "Orange". Too late now to choose another though, PF doesn't allow editing of links :-(
2007/09/14: Why break a habit? Submitted for photofriday "Purple" challenge as well!

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