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Our Wedding

On the 19th of February 2000, exactly 4 years after meeting, Ashley finally put the ring on Dianne's finger. This was followed on the 20/08/2000 with the Engagement Party, and the Wedding on the 10/02/2001 (we chose a palindromic date to give me a fighting chance at not forgetting our anniversary :-) it's worked so far)

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Cast and Crew

Dianne Okely

Ashley Gittins

Chief Bridesmaid
Melissa Nevill

Best Man
Neil Slack


Stacey Larner
Peni Hargreaves (nee Graham)


Andrew Hargreaves
Jacob Williams

Honorary Bridalparty Members

Catherine Cool
Shad Cool
Shad and Catherine were in the UK at the time.

The Parents
Sue Okely
Leonie Gittins
Les Gittins

Val Downes

Steve Daughtrey

Grinners Catering

Hair &amp Makeup
Uptown (Currie St Nambour)



20/08/2000 03:00:00+10
Engagement Party
20/08/2000 07:00:00+10
Teralba Park
Pullen Road
Everton Park
Dianne & Ashley 3350 6817
Note: Please bring a plate of salad or something to go with the BBQ

11/02/2001 07:00:00+10
The Wedding!
11/02/2001 08:00:00+10
The Gittins Residence
Kondalilla Falls Rd
Flaxton QLD 4064

Dianne & Ashley

11/02/2001 08:30:00+10
11/02/2001 13:30:00+10
Montville Village Hall
On the Village Green
Montville QLD
All Wedding Guests
Dianne & Ashley


  • 10/04/2004 I have finally restructured the site. All of the photos have been moved into the gallery, including a batch of new photos taken by Steve Daughtrey which I had not had a chance to link up before.
  • 11/02/2001 The Deed is Done!
  • Well, it's all over bar the shouting! Please be patient, we'll need some sleep before getting the pictures up!

  • 16/11/2000 Engagement Party Pictures
  • Click on "The Party" to the left to see some pics from the Engagement Party.

  • 04/08/2000 Engagement Party
  • Check the "Resources" page for a map to the engagement party, and the Events page for other info.

  • 30/07/2000 Website Created
  • Well, I finally got around to creating the site. You will have to bear with us while we get everything up and running.

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