Pain Fades - original track

  • Posted on: 25 September 2017
  • By: agittins

This song was written as part of the assessment tasks for MUSI221 - Songwriting for Contemporary Performance, part of my Bachelor of Music degree at UNE. This is a live take without any edits, and I use a looper (sooperlooper on linux) to replay the chords during the solo (the ending of the loop was a bit rough).


Droplets of water catch the streetlight
Thrown from the windshield as it burst
Whirling Dervishes of glass and water
Dance before my wide eyes

Eons to think, no time to react
Surprise in slow motion, an echo's decay
Time stretches out as objects contract
The pain washes in as the light fades away

The taste in my mouth of steel ripped and torn
A weightless malaise suspended in air
Below me the ocean waits, tranquil and cool
As I hover above in my broken cloud

Nerd Metadata:

I used debian linux exclusively to put this together. Sooperlooper, NSM, Non-mixer, Calf reverb, delay, EQ and multiband compression, Ardour for tracking and post-production, Blender for video editing.

Guitar is a Takamine PSF-94LTD recorded using the on-board pickup and preamp, the mic is a Behringer C3(!). Presonus 1818VSL interface.


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