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  • Posted on: 11 April 2004
  • By: agittins

Well, this is hardly news, but I had to seed this with something, so a summary of the machine behind this website seems in order.


*gasp* it's a Pentium200-MMX, with 128MB of ram! It has a system drive of a whopping 1.5GB, with an additional 10GB drive for further data. It's got a stallion 8-port Brumby serial card, a modem, two NICS (one e100pro, one 3C509b), a SCSI 2x CDBurner which turned into a coaster-maker only recently, a HP-4P flatbed scanner and a few miscellaneous serial devices connected depending on what I'm playing with at the time.


Not a lot to say here, it's a redhat system that's been through two upgrade cycles and continual errata updates, and is awaiting an upgrade to either Fedora or Debian. The website is served via apache, using Drupal, PHP and PostgreSQL. I'm in the process of dumping all my hand-carved db-driven php pages in favour of the flexibility afforded by Drupal. Currently working on a custom module to handle LanGame organisation and registrations.
This gateway machine does a lot for me, including scanner and print serving, internet gateway, mailserver, webserver, general-purpose DB server, rs232-guinea pig, caller-ID logger, chat server, jabber server... the list goes on. For the nefarious visitors, I've just given you a good list of vulnerability options - enjoy :-)

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