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Woodford 2015/16

  • Posted on: 30 January 2016
  • By: agittins
Kim Kirkman, classical and Irish harp music Woodford 2015
Larissa Kovalchuk - Ukranian Bandura, outstanding shoes and Vocals - Woodford 2015
Queen Porter Stomp - woodford 2015
Because sometimes you just need to get your "shove a pineapple down your lycra, catch up with some avian taxidermy and hit the big top" groove on. #woodfordFF 2015
Baby et Lulu - Abby Dobson (Leonardo's Bride) and Lara Goodridge (Fourplay) with their French-themed show - Woodford 2015
Woodford - where old friends catch up for catalogue poses
Alice Wheeler tearing it up on Trumpet with Captain Dreamboat - Woodford 2015
That feel when you realise you brought a banjo to a hair fight - Woodford 2015
Raiden takes some time out between rounds to check the programme - Woodford 2015
One Up Two Down - bluegrass trio - Woodford 2015
"Dude. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?". "Dude just keep still, it can't see us if we don't move" - Woodford 2015
Because getting kids to draw their nightmares and then making them REAL is just good parenting. #whatdoesntkillyou - Woodford 2015
Run!! Woodford 2015
"I may be foolish but I don't care..." My new favouritest ever Scottish Folk performer, Dougie Maclean. - Woodford 2015
Fire Ceremony 2015: Elders Vs Daleks. Spoiler alert - Elders win. Elder hands crafted by Alice Gittins :-) Woodford 2015
Fire Ceremony 2015 aftermath. #burnitall - Woodford
The Poozies - from whom I learnt that the electroharp can kick a bassline as well as any bass or synth - Woodford 2015

My photos from Woodford 2015/16


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