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Google Maps does Street mapping for Australia and New Zealand

  • Posted on: 28 September 2006
  • By: agittins

You know, I blame conventional media for this. I place my trust in them by watching TV news several times a week, and they miss reporting a massive story like THIS? Google added a street map layer to their Australian and New Zealand maps back on May 18 2006, and then just a few weeks ago on September 6 Google Maps added street Searching too! This is great news indeed - why on earth did I not find out until a friend mentioned it only yesterday?

Sure, I don't get out much, but really, that should increase my chances of knowing about things like this in a timely manner.

Yay for Google Maps, about time we had mapping data available to the people rather than being pimped out by half-government-owned duopolies or Teased by fully-government-owned departments (ok, the GA stuff is pretty useful if you just want coarse SAT images, but the Google Maps satellite data beats any of the GA free offerings by a long shot - for visible spectrum stuff anyway).

Oh, and after habitually using Firefox for google maps all this time, I now find that through one way or another, Google Maps now works fine in Konqueror - happy days!


Cool! I didn't know they added Australian streets until just now from this post. I blame the dropbear for not having an RSS feed ;)

Ahh, but the dropbear has had an RSS feed for years - before it was cool, even!
Check out the "XML" button under the Syndicate heading at the bottom of the navbar on the left.

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