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Korganizer lockups with webcalendar

  • Posted on: 28 September 2006
  • By: agittins

I ran into a bug when using Korganizer with the CVS version of WebCalendar, two great pieces of software that otherwise seem to work pretty well together.

There is a memory leak in MonthView that happens when displaying events that have a particular representation in the ical file (I am using webcalendar as an iCal-server so KDE reads and writes from webcalendar using the icalclient interface). Basically Korganizer starts allocating gobs of memory, grinding the system to a halt (until the kernel starts killing processes).

The bug is logged over here. It got missed at first posting but after a prod some KDE gurus jumped on it so there is now a fix checked into CVS - presumably just in time for the forthcoming KDE 3.5.5.

Pretty impressive - if you ignore the fact that logging the bug seemed to go largely unnoticed, from second prod (which included verification via a second system) to having a fix checked in was only 11 hours.


How do you configure korganizer to access webcalendar?

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