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The Future of Systems Management? Puppets!

  • Posted on: 7 February 2007
  • By: agittins

For those who administer a number of unix systems you have probably found there is little out there in the way of tools to help you manage multiple systems in a clean and efficient way. While cfengine is perhaps the most advanced F/OSS offering it is lacking in many areas - I know when I checked it out some time ago I got the distinct impression that the Cost/Benefit break-even point would be somewhere beyond 50 machines - I want something that's worth setting up for the ability to replace (or reconfigure) 10 machines without as much effort as it would take to do manually.

MauMusic - The Music Store for the Hills in Keperra

We're sorry to advise that MauMusic closed in March 2015. We thank all of our customers, suppliers, friends, staff and colleagues who supported us through many amazing - and some extremely difficult times over the past 9 years. Due to the financial environment and increasing demands on Dianne's health we took the difficult decision to wind up the business. We are both now pursuing other interests and dreams - watch these spaces.

Store Counter

  • Posted on: 23 July 2005
  • By: agittins

Some images of the Aluminium and Steel counter that we are looking at using. The front is about 1200 high at a guess, so not likely to fit through a 900 door...

Framework supporting the rear panels:

Left and right views: