I sing, play guitar, record, mix and write. I am currently studying towards a Bachelor of Music at the University of New England.

I sing Tenor in Dynasty8, an eight-voice chamber choir specialising in the most beautiful of choral music, and in the Sassical Clingers, a one-year project by Melinda Reed, a community choir with a focus on madrigals.

I perform a variety of things with my partner Melinda Reed, including opera, folk and contemporary covers.

I also enjoy recording, mixing and producing music.

Past Performances

  • 2018 November 17-18 Mullumbimby Music Festival with Dynasty8 (REST and Love, Loss and Longing programmes)

  • 2018 July 28 Performed REST with Dynasty8 at Tugun, Queensland

  • 2018 May 9 Mama Kin Spender "Golden Magnetic" album launch - Midnight Choir backing

  • 2018 Feb 24 Festival for Elizabeth, Brunswick Picture House. Tenor in Purcell's Come Ye Sons of Art, The Plaintiff (the cross-gendered, jilted bride, Angelina) in Gilbert & Sullivan's Trial By Jury

  • 2017 December 13 Amatori Choir and Soloists, St Martins, Mullumbimby. Tenor.

  • 2017 November Mullumbimby Music Festival - Midnight Choir backing for Mama Kin Spender

  • 2017 May 18 Private House Concert - guitar and vocals.

  • 2016 December 4 Handel's Messiah, Lismore Civic Centre. Conducted by Richard Gill. Tenor chorus.

New Old Track: The Day You Went Away (warning: vocals!)

  • Posted on: 7 June 2008
  • By: agittins
A cover of Wendy Matthews' early-90's song. First track with vocals - don't know if that's a good or bad thing (the first note is not a good thing)! I actually recorded this in July/August last year, my reservations about the vocal have stopped me putting it up, so I decided I'd best just suck it up, post it and learn from it. And yeah, I do think (the original) is a great song - if that means I have to hand in my bloke-card, so be it. At least it's not a Celine Dion track! :-)

New Track: Charon's Challenge

  • Posted on: 7 June 2008
  • By: agittins
Charon's Challenge is a piece I threw together for the ABC's Orpheus Remix Project, which asked people to submit a statement on Opera in it's 400th year and on the work of L'Orfeo, one of the first operatic works known. The ABC provided a collection of samples from Pinchgut Opera's 2004 performance of L'orfeo, of which at least one was to be used in the 4 minute remix. My submission didn't rate a mention in the final show but it was an interesting challenge to work in the samples into a bigger work - something I hadn't actually ever tried before. I used a male vocal sample which had a small violin riff in it as well, and a sample from Euridice's part. The rest is original material, with an improvised two-part call and response between Charon and Orpheus, some strings and synth choir backing and light percussion courtesy of the excellent Hydrogen application. Dianne pointed out that the clean guitar track (apart from having some bum notes) was very Pink Floyd-ish - I'll take that as a compliment but it might mean I am copying David Gilmour's favourite riffs more than working on my own. Food for thought. Comments welcome.

MauMusic - The Music Store for the Hills in Keperra

We're sorry to advise that MauMusic closed in March 2015. We thank all of our customers, suppliers, friends, staff and colleagues who supported us through many amazing - and some extremely difficult times over the past 9 years. Due to the financial environment and increasing demands on Dianne's health we took the difficult decision to wind up the business. We are both now pursuing other interests and dreams - watch these spaces.