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What format of LANGames are you interested in attending?

  • Posted on: 23 June 2007
  • By: agittins


Image shamelessly lifted from, your vote is a valuable thing ;-)
Please let me know by votes and/or comments what your feelings are towards LAN Gaming - are you keen for more, are you over the whole "thing", do you prefer the smaller venues? Shout out!

Personally, I kinda like the smaller LAN, where there are about 15+ people, of which maybe 30% you already know. This makes for a pretty good social event as well as a gaming event. That said though, I have no problem with banding a few guys together and going off to a huge LAN event with tens or hundreds of players, especially if that's the only way to get the numbers for a decent gaming session.

Is the venue itself important? I grew up in the sticks, so milk was a 10 minute drive, banking was 30minutes, so driving a bit for a LAN has never bothered me - but is it important that the venue be closer than, say, Forest Lake? ;-)

I know Matt and Dan's was always a great venue, and from what I hear the new diggs might be even better (nudge nudge!) - is there still interest out there, or has everyone "grown up"?

And I hate people like you who keep sending it to me.

I don't even live in Australia, dumbass!

Sorry about that. That's why I include instructions in every mailing to let you know how to unsubscribe. You did, after all, leave your email address when you signed up on this site.

Please let me know which address you received the mail at and I will immediately remove your address from the lists.

And since you're using the anonymising proxy I can't even take a guess at which ISP you're with and try and work out which email address YOU GAVE ME that I need to delete. So, you are going to just keep getting these emails until you realise who the dumbass really is.

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