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*CANCELLED* LanGames: Forest Lake 23rd - 24th June 2007

  • Posted on: 21 May 2007
  • By: agittins

Update 22/06/2007: The LanGames for Jun 23 have been cancelled due to lack of numbers.

Shad Cool (a long-time friend of mine) is hosting a LanGame at his place in Forest Lake on June 23/24 2007.

Forest Lake is about 15 mins drive south of the city, and about 12km west of Rochedale / Eight Mile Plains.

Google Map

The house has a large open plan living room, 2 car garage and 2 spare
bedrooms, so loads of room to spread out. I have desks for 6 people
[AJG: I have 4 trestle tables I should be able to bring, so there's another 8 to 12 players comfortably]
but after that it will have to be BYO desk (lots of chairs available).

There are lots of takeaway options within a 2 minute drive and at
least 3 pizza places deliver. In addition the BBQ may well be fired up
at some point - so if you have dead cow or similar bring it along.


Arrive Saturday from 9am, play games, eat when necessary, etc, leave before Monday.

Ideally I would like to get a minimum of 8 but preferably more, so please pass this invite on to anyone else who may be interested.

Hope to see you here.


Games games games! I expect there should be quite a few on offer, some in particular:

  • UnrealTournament2004
  • Quake-<something>
  • BF<something>
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl (I am pretty keen to try this out - it's only recently released, and is an interesting looking blend of FPS and RPG)

Many more - post comments indicating what you'd like to see and we can go from there. If there is a group of people interested in doing an RPG quest or something that could be a good option too.

Also interested to know who can bring consoles (there is a 46" LCD screen to make use of) with multiple controllers etc.

If anyone has a gigabit switch they can bring please let me know in the comments as well as how many ports it has. Right now we only have one switch which has 16 x 10/100 ports and two gigabit ports (one of which might be flakey).

To register your interest in coming, use the "signup" feature below. If you don't see the signup form you will need to login or register first.


When is starcraft 2 being released again?

I'm mostly sure I am coming.

I can bring an 8 port 1gig switch and probably a 8 port 10/100 hub if we are that desperate.

likely plastic outdoor table that sits 1 - 2.

I have invited Rick and Andrew as neither seem to have gotten the FLANG email for some reason.

Is there a list of stuff can bring etc like previously?

cool re switch (and attendance ;-) ). I've got 4 trestle tables that will probably seat 2 to 3 players each, so we should be fine for tables.

Hmmm, what to bring...

  • Your PC
  • Monitor
  • Headphones (no speakers!)
  • LAN Cable(s) - at least 2m, but if you have multiple cables, or long cables they are always welcome - you might want to tag or label them if you bring several
  • A Chair - if you have a comfy gaming chair, then bring it. We have plenty of chairs, but most are typical dining chairs so might not be your first choice
  • Communal nibblies? Either way, whether you want to share or not, you might want to bring something to munch on between frags
  • CD's - install CD's, driver disks, game cd's etc

Well things are a little bit grim in the numbers department. Ideally, at least 8 players would be best for a decent LAN, imo.

If we can't get the numbers we'll probably call it off, but what do you guys think? My gut feeling is 8 is the ideal minimum, but if everyone feels that 5 is worth it say so. I sent out another email on Tuesday night, and popped off another invite to someone earlier today but there hasn't been much response yet.

8 is good, it allows for better teamwork.
Unfortunately I discovered yesterday that I need to get 05/06 tax paperwork to my agent before my second extension runs out, at which time the ATO fine me whatever money I've got left. So I'm going to have to drop from a "yes" to a "probably" :o( I'm still hoping to make at least part of Saturday, probably in the afternoon.

If things don't go ahead - or if they do and people still need a LanFix a few days afterwards, there is a huge lan going on at Boondall the weekend following, on Jun 30 / Jul 1 - I was hoping to go to the last Motherlan, but dunno if I can swing it for this one either: The last one had about 100 players, they have a max of 200 players for this one. Should be pretty bloody good.

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